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Terry Nova – Hot Tub Hotties

Hawt Tub Babes

Hot Tub Hotties

1st Lorna appears on the hawt tub deck. Then Gianna appears. And finally the third in our threesome, Terry. Lorna and Gianna take off Terry’s tank top to brandish her undergarment. Mutual tit touching begins. Cushioned hands cosset and cuddle the nice-looking bigger in size than average boobs that have floated in the dreams of countless male brains.

Lorna lifts up Gianna’s tube top and plays with her scones. Gianna, always aggressive, squishes her chest against Lorna’s chest. Lorna stares at Gianna with wide-eyes and a horny expression and licks her teat. She sucks on Gianna’s nipple.

Everybody acquires stripped. The 1st one in the hawt tub is Lorna. Terry and Gianna kneel on the deck behind Lorna and rub her mambos, then they get over here. The warm water and the intoxicating scent of dominatrix bodies inflame their senses. Aroused and horny, they play suck-a-nipple and then separate to masturbate as the suds receive higher.

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