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Surprise! It is your girlfriend’s Mamma!

Surprise! It’s your girlfriend’s Mama!

Surprise! It is your girlfriend's Mother!

Here’s some actually sleazy shit to rattle your shlong. Some lad named Johnny sneaks into his teenage girlfriend’s room when she’s not around. He gets bare and climbs into her bed, thinking he’s going to surprise her with his hard shlong, but the surprise is on him: His girlfriend’s Mother shows up and catches him in her daughter’s sofa. She is willing to call Johnny’s Mother, but Johnny convinces her not to. How? By eating her slit.

Hey, that’ll always work, especially if the Mother is a lady as lustful as Linda Roberts, a 47-year-old chick from New York who now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Previous to long, Mrs. Roberts is gobbling her daughter’s boyfriend’s meat-thermometer, and all is well. Although we’re pretty sure Linda’s daughter would not be likewise glad if she identified out about this. Which that babe might if the boy feels compelled to tell her, “I boned your Mama!”

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