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Sex with a covergirl

Sex with a covergirl

Sex with a covergirl

One of the great Voluptuous Beauties, sexual thrill seeker Cat Bangles from Boston is paired off for the second time with her male counterpart, JMac. The 2 of them would have scored high on a erotic compatibility test. Heredity made them physically superhuman with sex drives and stamina to match. It appeared to be natural that fate and The SCORE Group would bring ’em together so they could bonk each other’s brains out.

The Christmas in Florida opener is clever. Finding his next door neighbor’s mail–including a copy of Voluptuous magazine with Cat on the cover–delivered to his place by accident, JMac knocks on Cat’s door and is blown away by her bizarre curves and bigger than run of the mill meatballs. That babe sweetly invites him in and they inspect the magazine together. (It is not mailed in a transparent plastic cover, by the way. That’s how it is sold in stores and on newsstands.) It’s a short walk to the bedroom.

The first time Cat and JMac fucked, Cat told, “His penis was titanic. I kept saying how this chab was so bigger in size than average. But I took it all. This woman chaser loved it, certainly. He told it was amazing and that my slit was worthwhile and taut. Valuable and taut like a little star. It was a great scene. But I took it all down my face hole. He could not control himself. This chab had to stop to keep himself from coming. That buck tapped out three times, truly. I have heard that he’s at not time met his match and that this chab is been having sex with girls on-camera for a ages. Apparently, lots of gals can not handle him. This chab couldn’t handle me with my constricted bawdy cleft, luscious face hole and those zeppelins.”

We have not at all watched any gal more bonkers to do sex scenes than Cat. The way that babe sucks wang and plays with cum is astounding. That babe has no gag reflex.

“I was 18 when I lost my virginity. I was a late bloomer. I didn’t acquire those bad cuties until I was about Eighteen. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had larger than typical scoops and worthy little bodies and asses, and I still was not there yet. But when my scones came in, they just blew up.”

And Cat’s sex drive blew up with her breast growth.

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