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SaRenna Lee – SaRenna And Erica

SaRenna And Erica

SaRenna And Erica

From time to time, we have to humbly admit that history is made at SCORE. We mean Boob History, of course: events that merit to be enshrined in the annals of the Mammazonic Millennium. And so it’s with this mam-mentous meeting of 2 tit-ans, the immortal Miss SaRenna Lee and the extreme Erica Everest! We humble devotees of DD at SCORE were actually lucky to record this actually orgasmic occasion. These almost any excellent man cream queens — whose pecker-popping partnership on the unforgettable Boob Cruise ’97 still raises our flags — decided to demonstrate for those favourable enough to be present, a booberamic bust-out that blew our minds — and our loads!! And so we present to you now, a tit-to-tit tango, a waltz of wiggling bosoms, a fabulous flesh fest, a veritable nirvana of nipplicious love bubbles…a photo set of SaRenna and Erica guaranteed to receive your guy-goo gushing!!

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