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Persia & Lucy Thai

Persia & Lucy Thai Persia & Lucy Thai
Persia & Lucy Thai @
Lucy Thai’s wazoo now has a stamp on it saying "black owned" because that is just what it’s. She never stood a chance of being the masterful one in this little screw time. Jamming my black toy down her throat would be no problem unless that babe resisted, but that would make Princess Persia very disappointed. Her asian cunt slid down easily on my toy which makes me thinking that babe is been fucking the brothas! I kept her holding on as I snatched two handfuls of those bulky meatballs which had no trace of silicone at all. Her vagina was cumming and cumming which oozed down into her a-hole which made an anal pounding likely. She was not a neat freak who wanted me to wipe my toy down after thrusting it into her gazoo but this babe did clean it off with her face hole. This bimbo has issues but I ain’t hatin!

Persia & Lucy Thai Persia & Lucy Thai

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