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Baby oil! Oil! Baby oil!

Baby oil! Baby oil! Greasy oil!

Oil! Baby oil! Greasy oil!

On Location North Coast closes with the beach challenge. All eight of these amazing cuties race along the beach in a spectacular bathing dress run, their bigger than average titties popping with out their tops. They play on the beach love it’s a king-size dance floor, jumping, screaming, shaking and whooping it up.

The race proceeds to the pool, scoops bouncing love barmy. The wild bunch jump into the pool and have a mass oiling party. They’re still merrily oiling away when Dave calls on their tablet.

“Girls, that was great, and I actually enjoyed your little oiling flaunt! Yes, I was watching. And I am cheerful to announce that we’ve a winner…or winners. Yep, I said winners. You beauties are all so great, you’re all winners! “

The angels jump back into the pool (Codi cannonballs in) for the final time.

And so ends our story, a tale of eight sensational glamour models from around the globe, a united nations of bigger than average fullsome funbags, together on a tropical island where friendships were made and challenges faced.

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