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My Faye Female

My Faye Female

My Faye Lady

I just came across this quote from Lillian Faye that makes me love her even more. That babe said. “I do not play sports but I sometimes pretend to love football to be around the guys.”

There are plenty of ways to interpret that quote. Maybe that babe pretends to adore sports so this babe can acquire more ding-dong. Maybe she can’t live with out males more than honeys. Maybe this babe is a man-pleasing kind of goddess who will do everything to make her stud glad.

One more interesting piece of information about Lillian: She lost her virginity when she was 19.

“It was a few days previous to my 19th birthday. I was with an older, more professional charmer. I was very nervous, but that fellow knew all the right moves. Immediately after, I told to him, ‘Let’s do it again!'”

I sometimes forget that Lillian isn’t British. This babe is American. She’s from Seattle. That babe looks a lot more innocent than that babe indeed is, even with those big, floppy, natural milk sacks.

“I like to wear cute, little skirts and low-cut tops,” this babe said. “When I go out, I like all eyes to be on me. On the outside I may look passive, but when I desire sex, I adore to tease until the boy can’t take it and makes his move on me. I need sex at least five times a week and lots of foreplay, especially teat sucking and tongueing and boob squeezing.”

There you go. And after u cum on her billibongs, you can view a game with her. She is okay with that.

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