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Jeannine Oldfield: Hot Seduction

Jeannine Oldfield: Sexy Seduction

Jeannine Oldfield: Hawt Seduction

By 1993, Jeannine Oldfield had given in to her exhibitionistic, sexual side. That babe did a sex scene with a boy named Rick and this softcore glamour photoshoot with a lad named Klaus. Jeannine was so raunchy and sexy, she made everything that babe did on-camera sexually stimulating to the mag reader.

Since the magazines of those years did not brandish penetration, a policy still practiced in a few countries such as Germany and Japan, there was no reason to shoot still pics of a pair actually fucking and mouthing. British law prohibited showing erections and US magazines could publish pics of a strapon a tiny in number inches from the girl’s face hole or slit. Movie scene was a different story.

If a episode of this scene was discharged, it remains elusive. So far, nothing has been discovered. During those years, many photo shoots were produced with out a matching movie scene to supply the demanding magazine pipeline.

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