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Fun With Fruit

Joy With Fruit

Fun With Fruit

Sha, Codi and Alexya are lounging out side one of the villas, appreciating the sea air and exotic sights of the North Coast. They’re wearing constricted miniskirts and tight bras with cardigans knotted beneath their bigger than standard fullsome funbags. Head-spinners! A waiter walks over to their loungers with a tray of tropical cocktails, then hands Codi a tablet. It is the next message from SCORE editor Dave at the Miami office. What’s on his boob-besotted mind this time?

“Girls, one of the highest things about bigger than run of the mill, natural bumpers are the things that you can do with ’em, and I mean you. The next challenge is to be creative. Unveil us what you can do with bigger in size than standard mambos. Anything u can do with your melons. We have fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes, so have at it.”

When the beauties stroll into the villa, they watch a bigger in size than run of the mill table loaded with fresh fruits of all sizes: watermelons, grapes, lemons and more. Codi holds her fullsome funbags adore a shelf whilst her friends load her up with oranges. They repeat it with the addition of a cantaloupe. Cucumbers are next. Making a three-girl titty hug-fest, Codi, Sha and Alexya pile on the fruit. They chuckle so subrigid, their juggs bounce and all of the fruit falls to the floor.

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