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Lilah and her room mate Francis had signed up for tons of the same classes this year to make sure that they had study buddies come exam time. Neither of the girls were very worthwhile students though so when it came time to study they identified themselves getting a little side tracked. 1st the vixens just started talking about one of the fellas in their class but then they started asking each other questions about what they’d done with guys and if they’d ever been with other gals. Lilah said this babe had but Francis said that this babe hadn’t, she’d always wondered what it was like but that babe was also afraid to truly try it. Lilah said her that if she wanted that babe could expose her a scarcely any things.

Leaning over Lilah lifted up her shirt and put Francis’ hand on her tit. This babe told her to bring it up to her lips and lazily run her tongue around her perky pink teat. Francis did what that babe was said and she felt Lilah’s teat getting rock hard beneath her tongue and it made her love tunnel succulent just thinking about teasing her some more. Lilah told her to keep going coz this babe was likewise turned on to avoid.

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