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Eden Lets Her Hair Down

Eden Lets Her Hair Down

Eden Lets Her Hair Down

SCORE‘s editor spoke to 20-year-old Eden over the phone when this lady-killer was working on July 1996 SCORE and that stud was very impressed with her with out meeting her in person. With her hair down and wearing a sexier outfit, this is the better of the only 2 photo sets she did.

“Could this be the next glamour model to sign up for SCORE‘s Third Annual Boob Cruise? That babe was so personable over the phone that the employees sure urges her along but it’s not up to us! It’s up to you, faithful SCORE readers to give a decision. If u wish this enjoyable to be eating, sleeping and partying on the same boat with u for a week of pleasure in the West Indies, then cast your vote for Eden. If another big-busted ravisher floats your boat, tickles your fancy or simply receives your one-eyed-willie subrigid, just let’s know and we’ll invite her aboard likewise!”

This was quite a public invitation to Eden, especially since the cuties invited to the Cruise were usually well-known names for several years, not unknown newcomers making their initial appearance. Eden not at any time sailed on that third Cruise or the two ensuing Cruises of 1998 and 2000 but this babe did sail off into the sunset.

“I like to be outside,” Eden told us. “Dancing at night leaves my days free to be outside. The next time I do a shoot, I wish it to be in a park or something. I do not care who’s watching. Turning other people on is what I’m all about.”

Many of the cuties at SCOREClassics modeled for multiple photo shoots. Unfortunately for the readers who liked Eden, there was no next time.

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