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Cindy Cupps – Beach Bunnies Bust Without Their Bikinis

Beach Bunnies Bust With out Their Bikinis

Beach Bunnies Bust With out Their Bikinis

When preparing to make the movie scene Preeminent Summer Sinn, we wanted a scene with hawt girl-on-girl action. But who would be the right big busted pair-off with Summer? She had to have the right anatomy.

Crystal Gunns’ name came up, and it was a valuable suggestion except Crystal did not do real sex with cuties at the time. Crystal had posed with Summer for a body comparison in the August ’05 SCORE a year earlier when their visits to our studio overlapped, so they knew each other. But we wanted a hot girl-on-girl.

Then Cindy Cupps’ name came up as a possible match. Physically, they were a great match in many ways, especially in tit size. Cindy had done a nasty nurse-patient scene with Kandi Cox 3 years earlier, and she turned out to be the sexually aggressive one and not the yielding part of the couple.

They asked me to phone Cindy and see what that babe thought of the idea. I phoned Cindy and that babe was ready and willing. We’d discovered a goddess for Summer who would be a ideal match, although they had taken different paths. Summer was well on her way into hardcore porn. Cindy ultimately never did hardcore although this babe, love Crystal, did one tug job and tit jack off previous to retiring.

The thing about Cindy and Summer is that they are both approachable, woman-next-door types. They do not act like commonplace porn stars with titanic attitudes. Cindy not at all became a feature exotic dancer ‘coz she’d rather sleep in her own daybed than live out of a suitcase, love her ally Crystal did.

We shot the opener on South Beach, Miami. It was a quiet day and, luckily, the beach wasn’t busy. No one recognized ’em.

36DDD Cindy is tanning up alone on a towel when 34F Summer comes over. That babe is visiting Florida and doesn’t wanna be bothered by all the sleazebags roaming the beach looking to pick-up hot women. They the one and the other wear string bikinis that are barely managing to pass the fabric stress test those two inflict on their swimsuits.

“Hi, I am Summer,” she says to Cindy. “Are you here by yourself?”

“Yeah, I am,” Cindy says.

“I was wondering if I could lay with you,” Summer asks. “I don’t watch any other big-busted girls around here.” She is turned on.

Now please note that Summer asks if she could lay with Cindy, when this babe is indeed thinking, “I was wondering if I could lay u.”

Summer slicks up Cindy’s brickhouse body with baby oil, and one as well as the other of them get turned on fast. Summer comes on to Cindy in record time and invites her back to her hotel so they can get busy knocking nipps and grinding slit. 1st they hit the private hawt tub in Summer’s terrace where they rub mammaries and kiss. Kissing is always welcome in girl-girls. Inside the room, the fingering and toy screwing starts.

With out the many girl on girl scenes we have shot over the past Twenty one years, Summer and Cindy’s sexy Florida fling is one of my favorites.

A few years later, Cindy and Crystal would lastly hook-up in a real girl on girl, the solely one we ever discharged. Patience can pay off.

I ask you: Where have all the precious girl-girls gone?

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