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Cheryl Blossom’s Bounce Room

Cheryl Blossom’s Bounce Room

Cheryl Blossom's Bounce Room

Why Cheryl Blossom‘s vigorous boob bouncing and swinging did not break the sofa is a mystery. The people on the floor beneath need to have been out ‘coz no one could ignore the loud boom-boom-boom of the daybed frame knocking against the floor whilst Cheryl used it adore a trampoline.

Cheryl could skip her fitness class that day ‘coz this babe got a high-energy, total workout for almost Fourty minutes that left her breathless when this babe was done. Coating her bigger in size than average mellons in oil, Cheryl tirelessly swings and jiggles her lustrous twins love a go-go dancer, some of the momentum captured in slow motion.

Cheryl’s an indoors kinda gal. Keeping her creamy skin creamy is the plan.

“I try to avoid the sun, so I think if u saw me out side in the summer, I’d have something with lengthy sleeves, but it is more likely you wouldn’t see me when the sun is out.”

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