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Chaz – The British Bra-Killer Who Retired Likewise Soon

The British Bra-Killer Who Retired Likewise Soon

The British Bra-Killer Who Retired Likewise Soon

Chaz retired likewise in a short time. I have no idea why that babe disappeared from the big-bust world, but I still miss her. She was a great partiality for On Location Key Largo, a video that’s a SCORE classic. I remember the week it was filmed.

Chaz had flown in from London to join Lorna Morgan and Kerry Marie. They came in a day earlier and toured the SCORE building. There are some joy candids of them at the office before they went to the Keys and the beach abode that we used.

Chaz came in a day later. It was the 1st time I would met her. Chaz had merely posed in a studio in the UK, and now this babe was gonna be photographed in the glorious sunshine of the Florida Keys. I could not wait.

Our CEO, John Fox, drove Chaz to the house with Joe Monks, the editor of Leg Sex and other mags, and me. What I remember almost all about that drive was how quiet Chaz was. Most cuties are chatty once u receive ’em started, but Chaz was the quietest adult model I have ever met, to today. As far as her milk shakes went, they spoke louder than the speakers at a Metallica concert.

On Location Key Largo reminded me of the old-school nudie-cuties of the 1950s and ’60s that were shot at nudist camps. (Although the beauties did masturbate in OLKL, something they could not film back then below penalty of prison.) But it had the same kind of innocence and simplicity. Great-looking beauties with bigger than run of the mill titties doing what great-looking gals with bigger than run of the mill bouncy bosoms do normally, like changing into bikinis, frolicking in a pool and other acts of domme purity and sweetness. There were no lads and no sex. This was an all-female dream world.

After Chaz went home, we lost sight of her, and I don’t think anyone at SCORE has heard from her since. She’d said that that babe worked in an office, so I guess that is what that babe went back to when the picture wrapped. It was the world’s loss that Chaz never one more time jumped up and down for the SCORE cameras.

We’ll always have the filmed memories.

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