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Bathing dress Stuffing

Bathing suit Stuffing

Bikini Stuffing

Kitty Cute along with Erin and Helen Star are having a beer at the Coco Bar. All smiles, they wear bathing suit tops and bottoms of the same design. Tucking the bottles in their unfathomable cleavages, they try an interesting way of drinking beer.

As the beauties chat, Dave calls with his latest North Coast defiance.

“Hello, girls, your next challenge is to try on the smallest swim suit tops u can find.”

They put on tops and jump up and down. Their king-size titties swing and bounce adore mad. Then they try on smaller and smaller tops, lastly picking bikinis that are not much more than colored strings.

The extreme bathing dress girls walk over to the lawn and dance, their love muffins jiggling, bouncing and shaking. Soon, they’re completely undressed, gyrating their sensational, succulent bodies and playing with their bosoms and cookies.

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