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Beg For It Bondman Man!

Beg For It Bondman Charmer!

Beg For It Slave Charmer!

“Rich fellows hire me to trample them and teach ’em a lesson, and I’m perfectly happy to do so cuz I adore to make them grovel a bit,” says Kiki Marie. “I especially love to blindfold them and make them rely on their other senses to experience joy.

“They might not be competent to watch me, but they can smell my nylon-covered feet when I rub them all over their faces. They can smack my musky toes when I poke ’em in their mouths. And they can feel and hear the mesh stretch and give when they rake their nails on my legs.

“There is no thing adore impaling myself on my lovers’ turgid dicks and riding them when they can not see me. It is very empowering. Merely a tiny in number guys receive the chance to view me. I am a female-dom and not just any oaf can view my looker.”

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