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Back in the Day Bedeli

Back in the Day Bedeli

Back in the Day Bedeli

Back in the day, Bedeli was just some other no-name beauty with big dreams and an even larger arse. Let us take a look at what made her such a promising up and comer back then.

Bedeli Buttland, a Cuban babe with golden-haired hair and a large wazoo that thunders and shakes, makes her launch by getting her mouth, muff and wazoo banged. Bedeli was born in Cuba and lives in Miami, Florida, where that babe is chaseing the American dream by being a swinger and sex star. Her goal in life?

“I’m just concentrating on making it far in porn,” Bedeli told. She’ll make it as far as she craves if that babe keeps doing what she is doing here.

“The more I get, the more I urge,” Bedeli said of her sexual appetite. “I have sex four or five times a week. I’d do it more if I had the time. I am open to everything kinky, but I like being on top and getting screwed doggy style doggie-style.”

Bedeli too told us, “I had fantastic sex at a club in Miami. Hardly any were watching, but, yes, it was public. It was a threesome, me, my partner, and a lad we met. He was a black woman chaser with a larger than average shlong. I almost fell in love!”

Bedeli says the funniest pickup line she’s ever heard was, “Tu con tantas curves y yo sin frenos! That’s supposed to mean, ‘You have tons of curves, and I do not have any brakes.”

No need for brakes with a cutie like Bedeli. She’s up for everything.

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