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Amber’s anatomy lesson

Amber’s anatomy lesson

Amber's anatomy lesson

“I like to cook and wear skimpy, sexy slides and tanalise my husband all day and worship his meat-thermometer and wiggle my arse,” said Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old sexy wife from San Francisco. “I like to talk bawdy and tell him how sexy I’m for him and that I wish my vagina licked. Then he rubs my entire body with baby oil and massages me and eats me out.”

Amber, a sexy redhead with a shapely body and a great arse, knows what this babe craves.

Unfortunately, not all youthful fellows know what they urge or how to treat a female. So she’s here this day to teach ’em. She’s a tutor.

“You’re failing human anatomy. That is why your parents hired me,” Amber Dawn says.

This babe asks some questions:

“What is the longest bone in the human body?”

The stiffy?

“What do I’ve to do to get u to pay attention?”

Take out your bra-busters and display us that bigger than run of the mill, fetching wazoo and your shaved cum-hole?

Well, that is exactly what Amber Dawn does! This babe begins showing us the parts of her body. Her legs, which are overspread in fishnet stockings. Her butt. Her nipples. Amber’s anatomy lesson turns into a hands-on lesson, and although you might not learn much, we guarantee you’ll get off. She does. With a big dick toy.

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