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A Date With Casca Akashova

A Date With Casca Akashova

A Date With Casca Akashova

During the time that this SCORELAND clip is 1st and best a showcase for Casca Akashova and her considerable physical endowments and sex appeal, it too illustrates the impatience of the ordinary male this day and the pre-adolescent need for instant gratification. There was a time when a lad waiting for his date to acquire willing to go out would sit and shut-up or look throughout the keyhole until she was willing. Now they nag and complain. Hey, she’s in the baths not ‘coz that babe can’t live out of being in there. That babe is in there making herself all glamorous and sweet-smelling.

So whilst Casca is primping and prettying, Oliver Flynn is lying in couch fully clothed, looking at his phone and complaining about having to expect. Life is tough, eh?

When Casca emerges from the sacred chamber of feminine beautification, dressed in a gracious clothing and high heels, ready to hit the city, Oliver is now in no hurry to rush out the door. The brain in his dong has taken over and this guy can not expect to screw Casca after they acquire back from their date. This chap has to do her now. That guy could have taken her out and built up his lust for her during the evening then taken her home to bonk but there’s that instant gratification thing again.

They make out, with beefy chemistry between ’em. That man sucks on her pointy areolas, kisses her a-hole cheeks and acquires without his hawt outfit faster than a Las Vegas male lap dancer.

Casca disrobes off to her belt panties and acquires on top of him, mouthing his dong and caressing on him with vehement moans and sighs. Kneeling on the daybed and then lying on her back, Casca gets her big hooters banged. That babe sucks on his shlong head as the shaft slides between her mounds and that babe makes that cock-popping sound we all like to hear.

Oliver gives Casca some head, then mounts her, rogering her in missionary, sideways and from behind. Casca sits on his wang in cowgirl and the reverse, using a free hand to either rub her adore button or his balls. Her incredibly hot way of fucking and bouncing does its magic and this chab can no longer hold back. After he jerks off in her face, she erotically licks the cum off her fingers during the time that staring at the camera and rubs his nut into her boobies. Now proud and satisfied, Oliver moves out of camera range, possibly to snatch a sandwich in the kitchen.

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