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One for Eliza’s fuck-it bucket list

One for Eliza’s fuck-it bucket list

One for Eliza's fuck-it bucket list

A week of savouring first-timer Eliza Kelay reaches its orgasm with the 40-year-old wife and MILF’s 1st hardcore movie scene. We’ve to see Eliza’s pink cum-hole as it was meant to be observed, filled with porn wang, and we also need to see just how greater than average her clitoris is. Put it this way: If you are going down on Eliza and u can’t detect her clitoris, you’ve to have your eyes checked.

Eliza is from Oklahoma. She’s 5’5″ and weighs about 120 pounds. She’s an outdoorsy beauty who likewise enjoys reading and studying history. This babe used to be a math teacher. Her numbers are wondrous. That babe describes herself as old-fashioned.

“I prefer the boy to make the first move,” she told.

We made the 1st move by approaching Eliza to do her first porn scenes.

“I’m checking one off the bucket list,” this babe said. “I’m making a porno.”

And don’t worry, members: We didn’t discharge just on hardcore scene of Eliza. We shot a bunch, so you’re going to be seeing a lot more of her.

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Claudia Fox lives her DOUBLE PENETRATION dream

Claudia Fox lives her Dual Penetration dream

Claudia Fox lives her DP fantasy

And now, a great week with 51-year-old wife and M.I.L.F. Claudia Fox comes to a smashing conclusion with the main event: movie scene of Claudia getting DP’d by two youthful males who are young sufficient to be her sons. One of the fellows has a large, darksome shlong. Both are her personal trainers, and this babe made the mistake of scheduling them both at the same time. Except it was not a mistake. Claudia was setting up the 1st DOUBLE PENETRATION of her life.

Yeah, we said the first DP of her life. Not just her 1st on-camera Dual Penetration. Her first DP, ever.

Claudia is from Mexico Town. This babe lives in California. She loves watching baseball and hockey. That babe does Zumba for exercise. That babe is a nudist and a swinger.

“I was always attracted to hotty’s and my hubby allowed me to indulge,” that babe told. “Being the center of a group at the swing lap dancing club we attended was the wildest thing I would ever done in advance of this. I love the feeling of eyes upon me. It is one of my monumental turn-ons.”

Claudia, the eyes of the world are upon u.

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Carla4Garda: Coat Her Immense Milk sacks With Cum

Carla4Garda: Coat Her Huge Mellons With Cum

Carla4Garda: Coat Her Massive Love bubbles With Cum

Carla4Garda sticks her bigger than typical breasts in your face, then sticks a greater than typical vibrator in her twat. Observe those sucklers wobble as she pumps it. It is elementary to guess what’s on her mind when she is in heat.

“I’d say my dream would be to do a precious American cop.” Maybe one day this babe will.

Carla4Garda sprouted young.

“I first started getting bumpers very juvenile. I was the big breasted honey of my class at school. I was a 36E at age fifteen. I’ll be honest. I’m rubbish at keeping up with the Health Lap dancing club. I’ll go crazy at it for love four weeks then give it up.

“I’m always knocking one off,” Carla4Garda told about solitary sex. “I have a remote controlled vibe I use when driving and it is great. I also keep a toy in the car as I like to pull over and get my feet on the dash and put my seat back and go for the gold in the hope I’ll be caught by a Garda. On the day I got a wand, I came thirteen times.”

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Needs To Be Taken

Needs To Be Taken

Needs To Be Taken

“I like to look worthwhile when I go out. I usually wear heels, frilly tops or cute dresses. When I decided that
I was going to take these pics, it took me over an 60 minutes to elect my outfit! My F.W.B. said me that it wouldn’t matter ‘cuz I’d just be taking it off, but I still wanted to look cute.

“I’m not likewise adventurous when it comes to sex. I mean, I adore some kinky stuff, but I am not dressing up in gimp outfits and whipping guys’ booties or anything! The wildest thing that turns me on is hair pulling and light choking. There’s something so hawt about a man slamming his rigid cock in my cookie and grabbing a handful of my hair. I feel so completely…taken, I guess. It’s adore this chap owns my little snatch and he’s making sure I know that it belongs to solely him. Even if it is not true, it’s a hot thought.

“I must have my G-spot played with in command to cum. Like button play feels great, but I need that deep penetration in instruct to go over the edge. I have one toy that does it just right. I threw away all of my other toys after I detected it!”

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Claudia’s 1st Dual Penetration ever!

Claudia’s 1st DOUBLE PENETRATION ever!

Claudia's 1st DP ever!

When we first met 51-year-old wife and Mamma Claudia Fox, that babe said us, “Group sex is my humongous fetish. I wish to try DOUBLE PENETRATION.”

We can’t think of a better place for this tiny Latin babe babe to try it than on with the complete world watching. What we’re saying is, this isn’t just Claudia’s first on-camera Dual Penetration. It’s her first DP, period.

Here’s the scenario: Claudia has mistakenly on-purpose asked 2 guys to train her this day. One is Jack, who’s 31 and has a bigger in size than typical, dark-skinned dick. The other is Tony, who’s 27. So, yeah, they’re juvenile sufficient to be her sons.

But they’re not her sons, certainly. They’re her personal trainers, and they copulate Claudia’s throat, bawdy cleft and dark-skinned hole each which way and then give Claudia the DOUBLE PENETRATION she’s been dreaming about. They cum all over her wet crack and backdoor, likewise.

Claudia was born in Mexico Town and lives in Southern California. She told, “I like being looked at no matter where I go. I wear constricted jeans or short skirts and heels. I adore to brandish off my titties, also.”

Claudia displays it all and does it all in this scene. Welcome to the DP Disrobe club, Claudia Fox!

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Eliza’s first on-camera fuck

Eliza’s 1st on-camera shag

Eliza's first on-camera fuck

And now, 40-year-old wife and Mama Eliza Kelay breaks her hardcore cherry and crosses one off her bucket list by mouthing and banging on-camera for the first time.

Eliza is a vixen with a taut body and admirable milk cans. She has a great love button, likewise, one that appears to be to get bigger in size as she is getting screwed. We’ve always said that the love button is the pecker of twat. Eliza seems very coyness, but as we told when we saw her solo fotos and vids, that babe really opens up when she’s having sex. This babe is a excited lady with a conservative front.

Eliza is 5’5″ and weighs about 120 pounds. This babe is been married for 3 years. That babe has children and grandchildren through marriage. “Hey, look who Daddy brought home! A sex star!” Yes, that is right from now on.

She is from Oklahoma. That babe lives in Ohio. She told us that babe wears panties “only if it is cold out side.” That’ll receive her clit hard! That babe enjoys reading and studying history.

If history is any indication, Eliza is gonna be a bigger than standard hit.

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Young & stacked

Youthful & stacked

Young & stacked

There are girls-next-door and there’re bra-busters-next-door. Allie Pearson is the latter. She came to SCORE coz somebody that babe knows recommended this babe contact us

In Clip 3 of SCOREtv Season TWO, Allie talked about what life is love for the hubby of a very big breasted beauty, and in Clip 4, Allie showed how many items that babe can ram between her gigantic boobs. Male cashiers must like her at the 10-items-or-less checkout line.

“I’ve always wanted to try modeling,” told Allie, who had by no means been professionally photographed. “It never came up. It wasn’t an option for me.

“When I go out, I adore to display off a little. It depends on my mood, just adore everything else. I’d say that I do not suit to unveil off my chest, but when I do, I relish all of the attention. I always wear a bra.”

Now and then, Allie finds herself in a situation with dumbasses who have boob fever.

“Guys ask to touch ’em all the time. And they’ll say, ‘Are they real?’ I have been motor-boated in public and I’ll say, ‘Who is this person? Receive him off of me!’ I do not love confrontation, so I just separate myself from the situation if it is getting likewise batty.”

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