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Rachel Rocketts – Superbusty Love tunnel Enjoyment

Superbusty Cum-hole Joy

Superbusty Fur pie Fun

During the classic SCORE years of astronomical hair and humongous love muffins in the big ’90s, Candy Cantaloupes was one of the bigger in size than standard names on the super-boobed disrobe club circuit, appearing in clubs like Flashdancers and New York Dolls.

Candy Cantaloupes was one of the most popular of the ’90s supersized SCORE Angels and someone with one of the shortest careers. The 1st place that babe ever danced in was the Cheetah I lap dancing club in Phoenix, Arizona. “When I auditioned, I was also scared to take my hands off my meatballs,” Candy said a SCORE editor.

Candy was done with dancing and glamour modeling very quickly and supposedly enrolled in a high school in New York to study biology. Or so the urban legend goes.

Rachel Rocketts is a five-time SCORE mag and Boob Cruise ’98 adult model and stripper from Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to other SCORE editions, Rachel was too in the October ’95, October ’96 with Candy Cantaloupes and November ’98 editions. She sailed on Boob Cruise 1998 which was the humongous of all five and she was very popular.

In 1999, Rachel started a strippergram service in the Detroit area called “Bunnies.” I endevoured to interview Rachel about her new career move, but, aside from one preliminary phone call, I by no means connected with her another time. That babe not ever called me back so I moved on.

All I knew was that that babe occasionally danced at a club called La Chambre in Detroit, Michigan. Her attempt at a web site shortly ended (the URL ultimately picked up by a cyber-squatter in Canada) and her fan mailing address closed down.

Then in July, 2013, SCORE browser R.J. sent me a surprise email. That guy met Rachel Rocketts and that babe was still dancing.

“It was a place called Bouzouki in downtown Detroit a scarcely any blocks from Ford Field and Comerica Park. I walked in and she immediately caught my eye. I asked her for dances and that babe introduced herself as Rachel Rocketts, which sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure. I named off a few busty entertainers I’ve met and that babe knew numerous of ‘em. That babe did great dances. Mellons looked marvelous much the same. She had blonde highlights. Very glamorous woman. This babe told this babe worked there on weekends of Tigers games.”

Rachel and I texted a hardly any times (this babe gave R.J. her number to give to me) and I debated myself about asking Rachel if she wanted to glamour model again. The side that did not wanna talk to her about modeling anew won, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that if a beauty indeed urges to glamour model, this babe will contact us herself. Plenty of former adult models do exactly that. So I felt that Rachel was content enough to do her thing at Bouzouki.

Furthermore, it is admirable to know that Rachel’s still showing her goodies since so many of the original SCORE Angels have retired.

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Kerry Marie – Kerry Marie And Jessica Part 2

Kerry Marie And Jessica Part 2

Kerry Marie And Jessica Part 2

Kerry and Jessica Turner relish a hardly any hours of tit-squeezing and tongueing, and all-around ass-grabbing, underneath the Portuguese sun. This playtime session was filmed during the production of On Location Portugal and Big breasted Euro Hotty’s. Kerry and Jessica were valuable boy-friends and physically well-matched, the ball batter of what can be called “buxom Great Britain.” They likewise modeled jointly back in London for a multiformity of pictorials and vids. Her arched eyebrows, wickedly hawt grin and a bratty expression in her eyes radiate pizzazz. Jessica has a playful, mischievous personality. She’s a very uplifting, muscular lass who makes everyone around her feel valuable.

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Adrianna Nicole & Sinnamon Love

Adrianna Nicole & Sinnamon Love Adrianna Nicole & Sinnamon Love
Adrianna Nicole & Sinnamon Like @
I was in the wrong part of city when my ride broke down. I knew I was in a predicament when I saw liquor store after liquor store. I was trying to call AAA when this swarthy sexpot came walking by offering me some assist. When we got back to her place the merely helping this babe was offering was that greater than typical dark wazoo and I couldn’t await to sink my teeth into it. At first I was hesitant but eased into it once our lips met and that babe not quite suffocated me when her large darksome gazoo was riding my face. I could not believe how dominant that babe was of me and it appeared to be this babe had more balls than my loser spouse who always urges to make like. From begin to finish I was at Sinnamon Love’s leniency whether she was sitting on my face or making me gag on her toys.

Adrianna Nicole & Sinnamon Love Adrianna Nicole & Sinnamon Love

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Kerry Marie – Kerry Marie And Lorna Morgan

Kerry Marie And Lorna Morgan

Kerry Marie And Lorna Morgan

The popular Welsh adult model Lorna Morgan teams with Kerry at the SCORE Studio in London in this wondrous photo-shoot from the now sold-out January 2001 edition of Voluptuous mag. It is very sexual, although, as almost all of you know, Lorna doesn’t do explicit, XXX-rated posing with either cuties or boyz. This rencounter was one of many Lorna and Kerry hook-ups that included the DVDs Big busted Euro Women, On Location Portugal and the super group specific On Location Key Largo.

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Brittany Like – The Love Connection

The Like Connection

The Love Connection

Georgia peach Brittany Adore, a very sexy stripper (and winner of many awards including Bigger in size than standard Bust Entertainer of the Year 2003 at the Stripper Expo), was SCORE‘s go-to angel for pussy-to-pussy and nipple-to-nipple action. She’s banged Haley Hills, Dawn Stone, Deanna Baldwin and, in this video from The Topmost of Bosom Buddies, ditzy golden-haired Mary Carey. She sailed on the last Boob Cruise in 2000 (the DVD Meatballs Ahoy!). Retired from adult entertainment and living the nine-to-five civilian life, Brittany had a great career and SCORE readers continue to mail letters about her.

Mary Carey is still in the adult sector today, dancing and hosting an internet radio reveal. This babe once tried to run for governor of California prompting Jay Leno to joke that this babe had “the solely hole in the ballot that’s already been punched.” Mary may be a ditz but that babe knows how to get media attention. This babe one time flunked an IQ test on the Howard Stern radio reveal and cleaned his shitter with her long blonde hair. But she did not flunk any sex tests including this one with Brittany!

This was a classic SCORE girl-girl with a lot of long-dildo and strap-on rogering.

Told Mary:

“I like girl-on-girl, ‘cuz it gives me something to fantasize about, you know? With a strap-on, I need to imagine it being my weenie. Some girls just have run of the mill cookie lips, but I’ve these greater than typical outer lips that cover them, so it’s like those secret little cookie lips inside. And it’s so much enjoyment ’cause I not ever used to know that these were different. I’ve viewed so many wet cracks now, I’ve become a pussy specialist.

“I like a girl’s tongue right on my like button. I don’t adore it likewise much when the tongue goes inside, you know. Just my clitoris. And really spit on it. I love spit on my twat. Beauties take up with the tongue vagina more good. I do not actually adore when boyz go down on me. I just like ‘em to fuck me, ’cause boyz have whiskers sometimes, and they do not feel as squashy as a girl. Girls just feel cushioned. Girls’ faces are so good.”

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Angela White – The bosomiest of bosom, shapely buddies

The bosomiest of bosom, shapely buddies

The bosomiest of bosom, buxom buddies

Those 2 are a breast-man’s fantasy.

Brandy Talore and Angela White share their free hotel room, courtesy of SCORE. Brandy calls the front desk for a wake-up call. They were filming the Big boobed Ladies of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) DVD that week with Annie Swanson and Cherry Brady. The real Incredible Four. Dave and I wound up in this DVD, too. Unfortunately, we did not must wrestle the gals. And, oddly sufficient, we didn’t get any woman fan mail after B.L.O.W. was released.

The one and the other angels are in the same double couch. Majority boys would sell their souls to be in the middle of Angela and Brandy for one night.

“Brandy, if you’re planning on going to sleep, I need that side of the ottoman,” Angela says.

“No, I’m already over here,” Brandy replies.

There is a disturbance in the force, as Darth Vader would say. Smth is plan to happen.

“C’mon, I need that side,” Angela insists.

“Why?” Brandy says, a little annoyed.

“Because it’s likewise close to the air conditioner and I’ll get cold,” Angela tells her.

“No!” Brandy says firmly.

“Are you serious?” Angela says. Both of them pick up pillows and whack every other. Brandy’s pillow knocks Angela’s strapless top off her chest, exposing her alluring, big whoppers.

In retaliation, Angela pulls on Brandy’s laces, but this babe has a difficult time so Brandy tries it herself. “What, cant even receive your milk sacks out?” Angela challenges.

“Of course I can,” Brandy says. Angela whacks her with a pillow anew. Calling a truce to their pillow pillaging, they resolve that tongue kissing and rubbing their nipples together is better.

Brandy was doing XXX with lads at this point (her first two were at SCORE, naturally). Angela has always been into beauties big-time but when this was shot, she was still a lengthy time away from her 1st on-camera wang in 2011 (with SCORE also). Imagine the two of ‘em on one rod. The brain locks up thinking of what could have been.

Angela belts on a fake pink ding-dong. There’re more rogering tools in her suitcase than a plumber has in his repair kit. Angela stands on the ottoman and Brandy receives into a kneeling position. She tells Brandy to suck it and “use lots of spit…” The gal knows. She knows all. That babe knows more than a lot of guys.

This was the merely time Angela and Brandy connected. This day, Brandy is a web cam model back home in Ohio and Angela is Australia’s most-popular adult star.

In the beginning, they were one as well as the other SCORE Angels.

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Roxanne Diamond – Large Tit Fur pie Picnic

Big Tit Vagina Picnic

Big Tit Fur pie Picnic

It’s park picnic time for giggling and pleased bicycling vixens Roxanne Diamond, Amorina and their magnificent role glamour model, the great Joana, bitch beauty of bigger than standard titties. They set up a blanket but box lunch is not on the menu. The 3 angels are the box lunch.

Joana and Amorina tease Roxanne, the girl on her back. Their squashy hands start to peel of Roxanne’s clothing, revealing her upright nipps. She is turned on and urges to turn her girlfriends on, tit for tat.

Amorina and Roxanne kiss while Joana supervises. Joana acquires topless and Amorina gets down to her trousers. Amorina climbs on top of Roxanne and dry humps her.

All three beauties kneel, Roxanne in the midst. Amorina and Joana kiss and play with her teats, They strip down Roxanne. That babe climbs on top of Amorina and grinds her during the time that Joana grinds Roxanne doggy position.

Amorina and Roxanne double-team Joana. All straps acquire tossed away. Joana lays back so Roxanne can get on top of her and hump her. As their girl-orgy of longing continues, fingers fuck twats and tongues mash in this female frolic.

Joana, Roxanne and Amorina likewise got together for a chat in the Bonus movie scene “Three Bosom Buddies.”

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