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Eva Notty – Quite The Couple

Quite The Couple

Quite The Pair

Sarah and Eva are majority worthwhile allies who also happen to live jointly. Those 2 do anything together. They shop together, go out on double dates and work at the same office. They even share clothing and assist every other acquire dressed for nights out on the city. And it was during one of those dress-up sessions that they detected that they adore to do other things jointly, also. And by other things, we mean, every other. U see, one night Eva had a run in her nylons and when Sarah got down on her knees with a bottle of nail polish to prevent the run, this babe noticed how curvacious Eva’s legs are. And when this babe looked up, that babe saw that Eva had noticed her slutty perusal, too…and liked it. Sarah saw the naughty smile on Eva’s face and she leaned in and gripped her hips and then buried her face into the silky triangle of Eva’s panties. Eva sighed and spread her thighs open further and that is when this babe felt Sarah’s sexy breath on her mound. This babe told Sarah to pull off her panties and tongue-fuck her. As pretty soon as Sarah heard the urgency in Eva’s voice, that babe pulled her knickers to the side and buried her tongue deep into her gash. She heard Eva’s moans of fun and it was not lengthy in advance of her face hole was coated in Eva’s sticky juices. Sarah could feel Eva’s knees buckling from the joy, so she stood up and led her to the bed where that babe laid her on her back and lovingly began to lick down her hips. Eva, now wild with wish, bucked her thighs up and pulled her briefs off. This babe told Sarah to taste her one more time and this time, while Sarah licked and fingered her gash, Eva wrapped her long legs around her head and pushed her further into her wet slit. “You’re plan to make me cum so banging subrigid!” Eva screamed and then she was thrusting and grinding her bawdy cleft onto Sarah’s hungry face hole, sending a gush of her juices onto her tongue. Eva, now satiated and panting, ordered Sarah to disrobe her belts off. “I am gonna make you cum like that,” this babe told. And then this babe was pushing her fingers into Sarah’s cum-hole and holding her legs open wide. “I crave u to groan for me. I want to make you cum harder than ever,” Eva said. This babe started touching with tongue Sarah’s love button not fast and then with bigger urgency. The faster that babe went, the wider Sarah spread her legs. Eva brought her to agonorgasmos and wouldn’t prevent until she came afresh. Needless to say, the ladies decided to stay in that night.

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Kerry Marie – On Location Costa del Sol.–Chapter 4

On Location Costa del Sol.–Chapter 4

On Location Costa del Sol.--Chapter 4

In the conclusion of the now-Classic SCORE bigger than typical boob episode On Location Costa del Sol, Ines Cudna takes to her ottoman in the middle of the afternoon. Not to nap but to masturbate whilst she fantasizes about her mate travelers and classmates. She desires to recall her experience with Cassandra in the Fitness Centre while the memory of her seduction is fresh in her mind.

Meanwhile, Kerry Marie is still excited after her swimming pool side oil-down and double-header sextoy diddle with Cassandra, a cutie who can’t live with out slit and knows how to make girls cum. Kerry finds a quiet spot on the lawn to lie down and fuck herself every which way with a very thick and pliable toy. Kerry has an explosive agonorgasmos, her colossal, alluring tits shaking, jiggling and swinging.

Completely bare, Cassandra walks in on Ines in her bedroom and takes over anew, fondling Ines’ body and playing with her larger than typical natural pantoons. Cassandra has Ines use the sex-toy on her vagina, then tells Ines, “stick it in my wazoo.” As Ines works the sex toy in and without Cassandra’s gazoo, this babe goes barmy with sex fever. The cuties go down on each other with wet tongues, then Cassandra bonks Ines’s thick-lipped seize with the buzzing vibe. They cum like batty.

Cassandra should have opened a clinic for the study of the lady orgasm next to her bare modeling academy for big busted girls.

Class is dismissed! Everyone graduates.

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Chelsea Rae & Erika Vuitton

Chelsea Rae & Erika Vuitton Chelsea Rae & Erika Vuitton
Chelsea Rae & Erika Vuitton @
I turned my back for one second and the help is banging off……………..literally. Instead of cleaning up Erika Vuttion got real comfortable and I caught her masturbating on my time! This babe got real defensive when I confronted her and I could see in her eyes that that babe was about to kick my white a-hole. I was about to make lemons into lemondae and my nose was soon face to face with appealing darksome cunt. I went from controlling boss to tractable white bimbo in about 5 seconds and part of me was loving it. I put my hands on that firm dark butt and spread her cheeks so I could lick that darksome crack up and down, side to side. That babe was risking termination in the way she was talking down to me but the rules were thrown out the window along with my heterosexuality. There was no lunch break as I was jamming one of her toys up her dark snatch and her plump dark breasts were jiggling all over the work area.

Chelsea Rae & Erika Vuitton Chelsea Rae & Erika Vuitton

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Kerry Marie – SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.–Extras

SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.–Extras

SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.--Extras

The extras of On Location Costa del Sol includes footage of Kerry Marie, Ines Cudna, Cassandra and Nicole Peters posing for photo shoots plus an extended scene of Ines in ottoman. Shot in Spain, Costa del Sol featured Kerry using toys for the first time. It was the first and merely time these four all-natural superstars met.

After Costa del Sol wrapped, Kerry said, “I learned some new techniques for insertion poses with dildos and vibrators, which I have never attempted previous to. It was a recent experience. It is the hottest movie scene I’ve ever been in. It’s sex toys, fingers, things like that. It was a bit nerve-wracking at 1st, but Cassandra’s really sweet and helped me out, so I was okay. This babe knows what to do. This babe helped me just by talking me throughout it. I really didn’t know what to expect, but this babe was fine. I spent a wonderful, inactive day with her at the pool, and then we did our scene, which was brilliant. That babe showed me particular little ways so the ladies man can watch what you have got there. She showed me how to position it right, how to hold it right, the right poses. All those things I have never done before. But it was very ravishing, very hawt. U watch me doing things I’d not at any time done in advance of. Things I by no means thought I’d do.”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

LDM and American girl Deanna Baldwin were one as well as the other shipmates on Boob Cruise #4 in 1998. This photo series was made in London during the summer of 1998, a few months after this Cruise. Deanna is a blond, but for this shoot she wore a dark-skinned brown wig. For those of u who read SCORE Mag in the ’90s or are members of the website, you’ll remember Deanna. Miss Baldwin did a live chat session in ’99 when Scoreland was doing web chats in ’98 and ’99, appeared in the movie scene Bosom Buddies 2 (making out with Brittany Like) and too was in the Boob Cruise ’98 movie. Deanna’s final photo shoot was published in the October 2001 SCORE. That babe is dropped out of sight since then, which is a shame. We wonder what she’s up to those days.

LinseysWorld hopes that this glamour photoshoot satisfies member D.S., who wrote the following letter. Linsey was a bit off-put by a couple of the comments, such as “…there are an awful lot of pictures of you in your web site with u dressed up in various guises…” and “It appears to be a pity to watch u every single week in a stale room undressing.” But she doesn’t consider it to be a harsh indictment of her portrayals and pictorials and takes no offense. That babe does point out that there is no ‘d’ in her 1st name and this babe thanks DS for being a part of LinseysWorld.

“Dear Lindsey, I need to say to start off, that I heartily relish your web page, having stumbled across it some months agone! Much as I have joy the each single week viewing of your new photo sets, I can’t assist wondering when you might be doing something a little different from time to time, such as twosomes. You used to do ‘em fairly frequently (having checked through your photo archive!), and yet it has been quite some months since u “involved” someone else (preferably a female-dom!) in your discharges. I’m not complaining per se, but, you must admit, there’re an awful lot of pix of u in your website with you dressed up in various guises. It appears to be a pity to see u weekly in a stale room undressing. This sounds terribly love I’m bored of ogling u! Fear not!, but I’d love a change one time in a whilst and some of your twosome photo discharges were beautiful fetching and at least broke up the familiarity of the single scenes! Here’s hoping you won’t be also upset at the very mild criticism! Yours, D.S.”

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Kerry Marie – On Location Costa del Sol Part THREE

On Location Costa del Sol Part 3

On Location Costa del Sol Part 3

Cassandra has given Nicole Peters instructions about boob modeling and now it’s Ines Cudna’s turn in part 3 of On Location Costa del Sol. Cassandra enters the home Health Exotic dancing club of her modeling academy and finds Ines working out in the strapping. Cassandra herself is absolutely bare except for her high heels.

Using the gym’s mirrors, Cassandra trains Ines in tit-play and lip-spreading. They get on their backs on the mats and continue their practice. Cassandra acquires likewise turned on by Ines’ gorgeous body and face. This babe receives on top of Ines, tit-to-tit, and jointly they cross the teacher-student borders. Their breathing deepens from the nipp stimulation and their roles reverse, with Ines getting on top of her instructor.

The sexually indefatigable Cassandra leaves the Health Lap dancing club and walks over to Kerry Marie at pool side. Kerry is sunning and looks spectacular. Cassandra has a hot lesson planned for the big busted Brit–complete with greasy oil and sex toys–and Kerry is a willing first-year student. This was Kerry’s 1st time on-camera with dildos and sex-toys. Cassandra and Kerry use a lengthy double-headed toy, one end for each girl’s cunt, and bonk every other until they make that O-face in a shuddering climax.

The beauties acquire to phat off from the heat of their sex play and the heat of the day so all four breast goddesses dive into the swimming pool. The awesome underwater photography is filled with submerged angels and floating mangos. Seek a unparalleled pont of time around 21:00 when Cassandra places her mambos in front of the pool’s outlet valve, the rush of water poking her mambos in love invisible hands.

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Lana Lotts – Kelly Madison, Lana Lotts and “The Thing”

Kelly Madison, Lana Lotts and “The Thing”

Kelly Madison, Lana Lotts and

Kelly Madison (that babe is the tall, naturally stacked brunette hair) modeled for SCORE for the first time August 24, 2001. We were very impressed. That babe was great to have in the studio. Kelly’s hot, but she’s smart, laughable, creative and free and elementary, also. Kelly and I one time discharged a scene, if you urge to call it that, at my desk. On the final day she was here, Kelly told, “I have a ally. Would you love to meet her?”

Now, here’s where you must be careful. What if the friend isn’t charming? What if that babe isn’t stacked? You do not urge to alienate a great model by turning down her majority awesome ally (this has happened before). But, as the complete world would come to know over the next 13 years, Kelly is a very valuable judge of big busted talent. And when attractive California blonde Lana Lotts traipsed into our studio three months later, we knew we’d hit paydirt.

Less than a year later, we hooked ‘em up for this girl on girl scene, one of our finest ever.

“For me, a guy’s schlong cant be replaced,” Kelly told. “A real ding-dong will always be the supreme. But I’ve fooled around sufficient with Lana to cum many times from the way she’s rogered my muff with all kinds of toys.”

For this scene, they used a colossal, veiny, flesh-colored toy that they nicknamed “The Thing.” Lana used “The Thing” on Kelly’s snatch and then Kelly used it on Lana. Then even licked each other’s bawdy cleft juices (and their own) off of “The Thing.”

Kelly proceeds to be one of the hottest big-boobed porno stars in the world. I’m glamorous sure that to today, that babe is at no time rogered any lad but her spouse on-camera (although he acquires to fuck whoever Kelly brings by; fortunate petticoat chaser). Several years after this scene was discharged, Lana would change her hair color from blond to brunette hair and first appearance a career in boy-girl porn. Frankly, I preferred her as a blonde. She was the epitome of the California goddess, love Pamela Anderson only hotter and sexier.

If you like girl-girl sex, this is a sexy scene, and it’s very rare. And if you do not love girl-on-girl sex, “The Thing” might convert u.

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